5 Questions for Couture Fashion Designer, Randi Rahm

randirahm-1.jpgRandi Rahm, is a woman that is leaving an indelible print on the world through each person she meets and every person that she dresses.  She is a strong woman who believes in giving back.  Randi is a mentor and philanthropist whose designs continue to make a splash.  Her creations are worn by A-List celebrities and commissioned by today’s most fashion forward and classic women alike.  In a field where longevity is rare, and most designers disappear into the shadows, Randi Rahm continues to shine her light. In today’s world, we need the strength of women like Randi Rahm.

JMK:  Your current collection has a light urban feeling that is uplifted by a rainbow pallet. The guests next to me at your presentation kept repeating that Blake Lively needs these pieces. I agree. SZA, Ariana Grande, Lil Kim and Kristen Bell also seem like great celebrity fits. In your eyes, as diverse and broad as your response may be, who is this collection for?

RR: Like all my previous collections, this collection is designed for the modern woman who likes to look and feel good – inside and out. This particular collection, inspired by the graffiti colors of New York City, is a little edgier but still retains the femininity that my clothes are known for. I am also introducing pieces that you can mix and match to style outfits differently – embellished bombers for example that you can wear with a gown or jeans, tweed jackets that you can wear to the office or to a special occasion. It all depends on how you style the outfit. I agree with the list of celebrities you mentioned – I think they all have such unique individual styles and they could take many pieces and style them differently – and that’s the beauty of this collection.

JMK:  You have a deep love of music. What do you listen to when you design?

RR: I truly love music and can’t go a day without listening to it. During the development of this collection, I stepped into the streets and listened to the noise of the city. For me, music is a feeling or an emotion that inspires the people listening. This collection was based on the 70’s and 80’s, a time in New York where each neighborhood in the city had its own individual personality.

JMK:  You’re someone who loves giving back, and you do so in a variety of ways. What is drawing you to your next philanthropic endeavor?

RR: Giving back has always been something very important to me. I have always found a way to support local, national and global organizations that aid those less fortunate. I particularly enjoy being able to help provide others with an opportunity to expose the arts in ways they may have never known otherwise. I am currently involved in strategizing with a very esteemed institution in bringing their forms of art to a younger generation of individuals who seem to be overlooking its beauty and importance. I want to help re-educate our younger generations, help plug them back in to the world of fine art and performance that meant so much to me and my development as a youth. As an artist, it would be terribly painful to see the classical arts slowly disappear due to the lack of interest from our youngest generations. I truly believe that if these arts can be envisioned in a modern way, we can revive them and help them regain popularity among a younger audience.

JMK: The fashion industry is cut throat. How do you feel being a self-made female entrepreneur has propelled your success?

RR: There has always been a mold into which the fashion industry expects each designer to fit into. For me, I never considered myself to fit into that particular mold. I am an artist that creates and I have always created. Now I am simply creating in a different form – in the world of fashion. The fashion industry is truly a difficult industry in which to succeed in, however my love and passion for creating has allowed me to continuously meet the strenuous deadlines the industry puts on us as designers.

JMK:  What are you most looking forward to at this moment?

RR: At this moment, I’m excited that the fashion industry is changing and is becoming more evolved. These changes have broadened the opportunity for me, as a designer, to step in and showcase my brand. Twenty years ago, I moved to New York City with a dream to make a piece for every woman. Each item in this collection coordinates with one another and can be worn in any way desired. I am looking forward to expanding my designs as the consumer continues to expand their wardrobes. Every woman deserves the choice to wear what makes her feel the most comfortable, sexy, and elegant.

Randi Rahm launched her namesake brand in 1995. An artist turned fashion designer, Randi Rahm will be the first to tell you that she doesn’t design for one woman; she’s a woman who designs for every woman. It is this guiding principle, especially in an environment of female empowerment, that has made Randi not just a self-made business woman, but one of New York fashions most well regarded names for over 25 years. The classically trained pianist and conductor has all her pieces developed, constructed, and finished at her Madison Avenue atelier. The result is a world of fine apparel, evening wear, and bridal that excites, compliments, and fulfills the dreams of all her clients. It’s this innate sense of what a woman wants and her ability to make anyone feel their absolute, most beautiful and feminine self, which has given Randi a loyal following of fashion’s most discerning.

Website: www.randirahm.com

Instagram: @randirahm

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