5 Questions with Holistic Nutritionist, Tatiana Ridley


Tatiana Ridley is an intelligent, sensitive, human who strives to live a meaningful life teaching healthy and holistic life practices.

I met Tatiana on an island 30 miles out to sea,  when we were both on creative and healthy living, personal and professional explorations.  I observed a focused, kind woman who was infinity curious about the world around her.  Additionally, I saw a person who uses her knowledge to make a difference in people’s live.  Here’s 5 questions with entrepreneur, holistic nutritionist,  and speaker, Healthylicious Bliss’s, Tatiana Ridley.

JMK: As someone who eats a very balanced diet, what do you recommend to people as the winter, carb heavy months creep up on us?

TR: Let’s get real here, while I try to eat a very balanced diet, I have my moments, (ehem, brick-oven pizza and chocolate!). I espouse to the 80/20 Diet. Basically, I eat healthy around 80% of the time and indulge in my not so healthy desires around 20% of the time, (yes, I’m talking about food here). I’m only human after all! For me, that’s eating mostly organic meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy fats, and fermented foods. And for drinks, it’s water, coffee (love Bullteproof!), kombucha, and fresh green juice! As we transition from Summer into Fall, I recommend that my clients incorporate seasonal foods into their diets. Back in the day, our ancestors ate seasonally, because they had no choice. Today, we have access to all foods year round, but that doesn’t mean that we should consume those foods 365 days a year. For fall, focus on grounding, warming foods to prepare and protect your body for the cold winter weather. Examples of this include winter squash (acorn, butternut, delicata), apples, beets, Belgian endive, Brussels sprouts, cranberries, figs, mushrooms, parsnips, pears, pumpkin (yay for pumpkin season!), sweet potatoes, and Swiss chard. One of my favorite fall go-to recipes is a healthified spinoff of a childhood favorite that my parents made me – my grilled goat cheese + tomato soup recipe! 

Get the recipe HERE! 

JMK:  How has your role model inspired you?

TR: My role model, my mom, Bettina Ridley, aka Momasita, inspires me every day in every way. Since I was a child I have looked up to her, literally, borrowing her heels to play dress up and aspiring to be her when I grew up. A grown up now, I still look up to her, standing at 5’3” and she at 5’5 1/2”. She has always courageously beat to the tune of her own drum and supported my individuality and interests. She inspires me to strive to be the best version of myself (and not to be so hard on myself) whilst being grateful for all that I have been blessed with. In this world it can be difficult not to get caught up in the comparison game, but it’s important to recognize that the grass is not always greener and one can get distracted admiring someone else’s garden only to lose sight of their own garden. Water your garden, people! Her dedication to self-improvement, her family, God, and giving back to the community through her volunteer work at soup kitchens and churches throughout New York has inspired me. While she insists that she’s not perfect, she always seems to have the right words of wisdom to share with me at any given moment. Like, “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly” or “Be a warrior not a worrier.” My mom is my hero.

JMK:  That’s gorgeous.  I would consider you a seeker as you are someone who asks probing, intentional questions.  For some, this quality can be anxiety inducing.  Do you have a spiritual practice that guides you?

TR: Why thank you, Jean Marie! I appreciate that moniker! Funny story, ever since I was a wee child, I’ve been asking questions, my parents tell me that I would stroll around (by stroller or on foot) pointing at this and that and asking “What’s this?” Yes, I have several spiritual practices that guide me and reel me back in when I’m heading out into the deep end of discouragement or overwhelm. Meditation has become a spiritual source for me. I especially enjoy lighting a scented candle, dimming the lights, and listening to Kundalini meditation music, closing my eyes, and allowing my mind to drift away.

JMK: In the age of #MeToo, how do you feel your voice and role in the world has changed?

In the age of #MeToo, I think that it’s important to offer support to women who have been victims of sexual abuse and to empower them to find the strength, support, and salvation to move forward from their experience from victim to victor. Let’s empowHER!

JMK:  What are you most happy about these days?

TR: I am happy to be alive and well, but lately, I have been feeling very grateful for the opportunities that I have been aligned with at Healthylicious Bliss, offering my corporate and school wellness programming, attending conferences, and connecting with people! One of my favorite quotes comes to mind when I consider where I am today:

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~ Joseph Campbell.

One of my clients mailed me a bookmark years ago with this very quote emblazoned on it.

Tatiana Ridley is the Founder of Healthylicious Bliss™ , your go-to resource for a Happy, Healthy & Hot lifestyle. She’s a Fempreneur, Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Speaker, and Writer based in New York City. Tatiana’s services include corporate and school wellness programs, yoga classes, private and group holistic nutrition coaching (via phone and online), events, speaking, and retreats. Tatiana launched her business in 2010, and has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Well+Good, Rise, Everyday Health, and more. She is a graduate of Fordham University and the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. When she’s not doing her Fempreneur thang, you can find her galavanting around NYC and beyond, hanging with her pup, learning new things and sharing them on Instagram.

Website:  www.healthyliciousbliss.com

Instagram: @TatianaRidley

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